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 Philips 3104 328 32472, IR Sensor Board
    Part Type: IR Sensor Board, Ms ..
HYUNDAI  X93WD, 490071500100R
Part Type: Button Set P..
LG, EAY60968701 (EAX61397101/B), Power Supply Unit,
Part Type: Power Supply Unit ..
Magnavox, 310432834781, Led IR Power Button Board,
Part Type: Led IR Power Button Board ..
Magnavox, CBPF72MKZC8, Main Unit
Part Type: Main Unit, Signal Tuner PCB ..
PHhilips, 313926805071, Side AV Input
Part Type: Side AV Input, ..
PHILIPS  42FD9935/17, ID-1022-H
Part Type: Noise Filter ..
Philips  42PF9630A/37, 37661, 310431360376, Main Unit
you can verify board by matching 37661 which can be found on sticker. ..
Philips  AWM20861IA105C60VVW-1FT1/FT2-F-, Display Cables
Part Type Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel, Flex Cables, D..
PHILIPS , 	 3139-123-63274
Philips 272217100803, Power Supply Unit
Part Type Power Supply Unit, Power Supply Board ..
PHILIPS 35-D025961 (V420H1-C12), T-Con Board,
Part Type: T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Con..
PHILIPS 37HFL5581V/27, Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel,
Part Type Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel, Display Cable ..
Philips 40PFL7505D/F7, Cable Connector Set
Part Type Cable Connector Set, ..
Philips 42PF7320A Noise Filter Board 05DRDW2A (655), 2422 549 00148
Part Type: Noise Filter Board ..
PHILIPS 42PFL3704D/F7, 27-D026774, I420H1-16A0, Backlight Inverter
Part Type: Backlight Inverter, Inverter Board ..
Philips 42PFL6704D/F7, 272217100737, Key Controller,
Part Type Key Controller, Button Set, ..
Philips 6632L-0335A, Backlight Inverter Slave,
Part Type: Backlight Inverter Slave Slave Inver..
PHILIPS 69.42T33.F01, Display Cables,
Part Type Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel, Display Cables..
Philips AWM 20861 105C VW-1 -F-, Dispaly Cables,
Part Type Flat Ribbons T-Con to panel, Dispaly Cables..