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 Element RSAG7.820.1072 (07120610875), Digital Board,
Part Type Digital Board ..
APEX, LD4077M, 1204H0966, CV6M30L-A, PC Board
Part Type: PC Board Par..
Eelement, EBR35585301,EBR35585701, XR, XL Board
Part Type: XR & XL Buffer Board ..
Eelement, NQP0000000006, Power Supply Unit
Part Type: Power Supply Unit, Power Supply Board, Mai..
Elemen, SZTHTFTV2018, Remote Sensor
Part Type: IR Sensor Board, Remote Sensor ..
ELEMENT  1108H1163H
  Part Type Main Unit Main Board ..
ELEMENT  ELGFT401, Noise Filter,
Part Type Noise Filter Part number ELGFT401 ..
Element, IR Remote Sensor Board,
Part Type IR Sensor, Remote Sensor Board ..
Element, Button Set
Part Type: Key Board Button Set Power Con..
Element, Main Board,
Part Type: Main Unit, Main Board, HDMI Input, Signal ..
ELEMENT 27-D043517, Backlight Inverter Board
Part Type Backlight Inverter Inverter Board ..
ELEMENT 38H0888, Main Board
Part Type Main Unit, Main Board, VGA Input, HDMI Inpu..
Element 890-101-1911, Digital Board
Part Type: Digital Board ..
Element 890-LM0-7001, MLP069TF, Power Supply Unit
Part Type: Power Supply Unit, Power Supply Board, Mai..
ELEMENT AWM 20706E347605105C60VVW-1HF, Display Cables
Part Type: Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel, Flex Cables, ..
ELEMENT AWM20941VW-190V105CIAFT1/FT2-F-, Display Cables,
Part Type Flat Ribbons T-Con to Panel, Display Cables..
ELEMENT FLX-3211B, QAL0758-001
  Part Type IR SENSOR ..
ELEMENT GKB7.820.2541, Key Controller,
Part Type: Key Controller, Function Controller, Butto..
Element JX-8036A(1)
Part Type: Remote Control ..
Element LJ94-26097B, LCD Controller,
Part Type: T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Con..