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DELL  DE.80V13.06G (00.V0906GA02), DC-DC Board,
Part Type DC-DC Board PC Board ..
DELL  W2300, 313815855261, 31381035928.1, Audio Board
Part Type: Audio Board ..
Please match TV model and Boards that Flat Cables are used for. Part Ty..
DELL  W4200HD, 00.V0803.004, AV INPUT BOARD
Part Type: AV INPUT BOARD ..
DELL  W5001CHD, LJ92-01320A, LJ41-03326A, F Buffer Board
Part Type: F Buffer Board ..
DELL 55.26T02.014, T-Con Board
Part Type T-Con Board LCD Controller Cont..
DELL 6870T723C11 , Button Set
  Part Type Button Set, Key Controller Board..
Dell CK.80V13.01G (00.V0901GA04), Main Unit,
Part Type   Main Unit, Signal Board ..
DELL LJ44-00097A (V3D), Sub Power Supply,
  Part Type: Sub Power Supply ..
DELL LJ92-01318A, Main Logic CTRL Board
Part Type: Main Logic CTRL Board Control Board ..
  Part Type Noise Filter ..
Dell, 00.V0902GA02, Video RF Tuner Board,
  Part Type Video RF Tuner Board ..
Dell, 06DKDW3S, Noise Filter,
Part Type: Noise Filter ..
Dell, 2-AT400HD, Tuner Board,
  Part Type Tuner Board ..
Dell, 313815855271, Main Unit,
Part Type Main Unit, Main Board ..
Dell, 313815855291, A/V Board,
Part Type A/V Board, Signal Board, Tuner Board ..
DELL, 313819871561, Power Supply Unit,
Part Type: Power Supply Unit ..
DELL, 51.27800.151, Main Unit
Part Type Main Unit, Tuner Board ..
Dell, 55.L0H01.001, Main Unit,
  Part Type Main Unit VGA Input ..
Dell, 6832150300-03 (PTB-1503), Tuner Board,
  Part Type Tuner Board ..