Samsung, BN81-02369A, LCD Controller

Samsung, BN81-02369A, LCD Controller
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Part Number BN81-02369A
Brand: Samsung
Product Code: BN81-02369A
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Part Type:

T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Control Board, CTRL Board, Timing Control

Part Number:


Board Number(s):

T370HW02 VE CTRL BD, 37T04-C0J, 55.37T04.C34

  Substitute Parts

55.46T03.C06, 55.46T03.C16, 55.46T03.C18, 55.31T06.C05
55.46T03.C11, 55.37T05.C02, BN81-02346A


Part Number can be found on the sticker.

Known Models:


LE37B650T2WXZG AA01, LE37B650T2WXZG 0001, LE37B650T2WXZG 0002, LE37B651T3PXZG AA01, LE37B651T3WXZG 0001, LE37B651T3WXZG AA01, LE37B651T3WXZG 0002, LE37B652T4WXRU AA02, LE37B652T4WXRU 0001, LE37B652T4WXRU AA01, LE37B652T4WXRU 0002, LE37B653T5PXXN AA01, LE37B653T5WXXC 0002, LE37B653T5WXXC AA01, LE37B653T5WXXC 0001, LE37B653T5WXXC AA02, LE37B679T2SXZG AA01, LE37B679T2SXZG 0001, LN37B650T1FXZA


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