Open Box City is a TV liquidator / Wholesaler. 

The items we sell have been taken mostly from new TV’s with broken screens.  All items that are taken from used TV(s) are listed as used.  None of the items are in the original box.  Purchase includes only what is seen in the picture, shipped in a sturdy box, wrapped safely in bubble wrap. 

We have some parts available for sale which are not yet listed.  If you are looking for more of the same or other parts, please ask.  We need the brand, model number along with the part number or picture of the part.  Picture(s) are very helpful in locating the item.

Parts that we ship out are identified by our unique identification stamp on the item and by the serial number of the item, when applicable.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.  The easiest way is to use email, our address is sales@openboxcity.net.  We check email often and respond to all inquiries.  We value our customers and we appreciate doing business with you. 

Thank you for visiting our store!